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The Institute of Innovative Fashion (IIF) is a prestigious institution founded by the Arab Fashion Council that is dedicated to fostering creativity and excellence in the fashion industry. It offers specialized programs and courses to empower aspiring fashion professionals, students and employees with comprehensive knowledge and practical training.

IIF offers a range of programs and courses covering various aspects of the fashion industry, including fashion design, styling, business, leadership, and innovation. The curriculum is designed to provide the participants with a well-rounded education that aligns with their career aspirations. The active courses are available on the website.

To apply to IIF, click here and you will be directed to the enrollment page. You will typically be required to complete an online application form and submit supporting documents, such as passport copy, profile picture, a portfolio (if applicable), and a statement of purpose. You will also have to be prepared to pay the course fee at the end of the application.

At IIF, our classes are meticulously designed to offer an immersive and captivating learning experience. The instructors at IIF invest significant effort in developing the curriculum for each course, ensuring its quality and relevance. Typically, each program consists of multiple classes that student has to finish, and each class consist of approximately 8 video lessons, with each lesson spanning around 30 minutes in duration.  Recognizing the diverse learning preferences of our students, we prioritize flexibility, allowing you to tailor your learning experience according to your own pace and preferences. Whether you prefer concise sessions or a continuous learning journey, our classes cater to your individual needs. With visually appealing content and hands-on demonstrations, our classes create an intimate and personalized atmosphere, making you feel like you have direct one-on-one guidance. As an additional aid to your learning, we provide downloadable instructor guides to further support your progress. Moreover, our vibrant student community actively engages in enriching class discussions, fostering collaboration, and offering valuable feedback, thus creating an inclusive and supportive environment for everyone to thrive in their educational journey.

Anyone can join IIF programs, but not everyone will receive the certificate of completion unless they pass the final exam of each course.

Yes, IIF welcomes applications from international students. The institute values diversity and encourages students from around the world to apply. The courses are given in English language, and it is important that students have English language proficiency to be able to understand the lectures and pass the final exam.

The duration of programs at IIF are intensive short courses of one month each. The courses schedule is available here.

Currently, IIF doesn’t offer any scholarship or financial aid to its short courses. The courses are designed to have accessible flat rate that many can afford. However, the Arab Fashion Council has a scholarship program that is open once a year. You are recommended to check Arab Fashion Council’s website from time to time.

IIF prides itself on having a team of experienced and knowledgeable faculty members who are industry experts in their respective fields. The faculty consists of accomplished professionals, fashion designers, business leaders, buyers, editors and industry insiders who bring real-world experience and expertise to the virtual classroom.

Yes, IIF understands the importance of industry connections and strives to provide students with opportunities to network and engage with professionals in the fashion industry. The institute may facilitate internships, industry collaborations, guest lectures, and networking events to enhance students’ exposure and prepare them for career opportunities.

Yes. At IIF, we understand the importance of internships in complementing academic studies and providing real-world experience. IIF courses are designed to replace the physical internship and a certificate by the Arab Fashion Council will be issued upon completion of the course. IIF will also provide you the opportunity to get accepted for a physical internship at the Arab Fashion Council’s offices in Dubai and experience at Dubai Fashion Week.

Completing a program at IIF can open doors to a wide range of career opportunities in the fashion industry. Graduates may pursue careers as fashion designers, stylists, fashion merchandisers, fashion entrepreneurs, creative directors, or work in areas such as fashion marketing, branding, and consulting. The specific career prospects can vary depending on individual interests, skills, and market conditions. Many of the Arab Fashion Council trainees and former internship students are now working at some of the world’s most important companies such as Farfetch, Vogue, etc.

IIF courses are online, and no travel is required. You can enjoy the state-of-art learning from your own home remotely.

IIF recognizes the diverse needs of students and has designed all courses to online learning. Online learning can provide flexibility for those who are unable to attend classes on-campus or prefer a more self-paced approach to their studies.

IIF stands out for its commitment to innovation, creativity, and industry integration. IIF is founded by the Arab Fashion Council the world’s largest fashion council that represents 22 countries with its HQ in Dubai. The institute’s emphasis on fostering a culture of experimentation, collaboration, and exploration of new ideas sets it apart. The partnerships with industry experts, state-of-the-art facilities, and a dedicated faculty contribute to an enriching learning environment that prepares students to become trailblazers in the fashion industry.

IIF is founded, supported, and funded by the Arab Fashion Council. At the completion of each course students will receive 2 certificates from both IIF and Arab Fashion Council. IIF is not a school or university and is not intended to replace your learning at any university but to provide you with addition knowledge especially after graduation to embrace the real working environment that is not provided at schools. IIF courses can, however, replace your internship requirement by your current school which you’d be able to receive credits for it.

The tuition fee structure at IIF can vary depending on the specific program or course you choose to pursue. Click here to check the fee of the offered courses.

IIF recognizes the value of networking and fosters connections among students, alumni, and industry professionals. The institute offers the students admission to attend Dubai Fashion Week, one of the world’s most important fashion weeks to experience the 360 degrees of the fashion industry and network with industry key opinion leaders.

Yes, IIF will require each student to take a final exam at the end of each course to enable the student to receive the dual certificate. The exams are taken online.